Top 3 places to live in Maryland with a family

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

Located between Virginia and Pennsylvania is the state of Maryland, one of the places attracting more people in recent years due to myriad reasons that make it rise in the list of the best possibilities to live in the United States.

Maryland has many good things. First of all, the good connection it has with important points of the country such as Washington DC or New York. And secondly, the fact that despite these good connections, it is a place where home buying prices are still quite affordable. Not to mention the improvement in security that cities like Baltimore are experiencing, which is also becoming a growing cultural bubble, along with other cities in the state that are filling up with contemporary art galleries.

Maryland is also a place where education is highly regarded, with high employment rates, and therefore a perfect place for families to start from scratch. Today, look at the three best places to live in Maryland, according to 2022 statistics, and what is the best of each.


The best places to live are in Maryland with family

Although having a family brings about several common factors, such as needing schools, colleges, and universities, and needing a place where there is entertainment for all family members, it is also true that everyone has their tastes. But in Maryland, there are very varied places, from big cities to small coastal towns, with lively cultural plans or local leisure in rivers fishing for crabs.

These are the three best places, taking into account education, housing prices, and other Pro points, for a family to adapt without difficulty:


In the county of the famous Baltimore lies this small city of almost 60,000 people, which is one of the best rated according to Livability's annual list. It's not only one of Maryland's top-rated cities but also one of the favorite places in the entire United States.

Towson is located in a prime location. Just 20 minutes from Baltimore City by car, and just over an hour by train, about 2 hours by train to Washington DC, and a little over 3 hours on a direct train to the incredible city of New York. All this with much more affordable housing prices: around $1,500 for renting a good apartment and about $400,000 for buying an average apartment. Prices are much cheaper than those of New York, being so close. A family may choose to move to Towson, the local small town feel to develop daily life, but the ability to enjoy the big city when needed.

On top of that, Towson University is highly regarded and provides a healthy college environment perfect for a family's older children. On the other hand, it is the location of some county government departments, which makes for high-paying government jobs. Also, in private enterprises, there are good job opportunities.

The Niche platform has high regard for Towson City schools. All of them are among the top 300 in the country. As if this were not enough, in Towson, the leisure plans are varied: bicycle paths, gastronomic programs, incredible natural parks, and the famous Towson Town Center, where to make needed purchases.


Also evaluated by the Livability platform, the city of Bethesda is one of the best in the United States. This is because it also has very good primary and secondary schools, and the city's healthcare system is one of the best in the state. This makes the patients very well cared for and makes it a perfect place to move to for all those professionally involved in the world of health care.

The city of Bethesda, Maryland, is also famous for its thriving cultural life. Interestingly, more than 50% of people there have University and Masters's degrees. It is because of its excellent educational system, but this also means that the cultural offer and programming are enormous. Some possibilities are contemporary art galleries, performing arts plans, concerts, and continuous temporary exhibitions in museums. Not to mention the gastronomic options of the city, where the variety and multiculturalism of the restaurants are the most attractive.

Housing prices are, however, a bit higher than in other cities in the state of Maryland. The median price of a rental apartment is above $1,700 and can go up to around $2,000. On the other hand, buying a house can be more than $1 million.


Finally, although this does not mean that it is the worst option on this list, we find Columbia, which is close to Washington, DC. It was created to attract families and companies looking for a place close to the city, more affordable, and perfect to start from scratch.

Originally, Columbia was intended as a local area where you could live a quiet life and commute to work in Washington, DC. But today, more than 100,000 people live there, and it has become a city in itself where life is fun and vibrant. Public parks, swimming pools, party places, restaurants, or museums are available for those who have decided to start a new life in Maryland.

Columbia University is well known, and we can speak with equal praise of the colleges there. They are also praised in many of the magazines and education platforms in the country.

Regarding the price of housing, we find again affordable prices for all the qualities that the city has: In Colombia, it is possible to rent an apartment for $1,700 and buy a house for $400,000 approximately. This is much better than other cities in the state with the same guarantees of education and employment.

In short, these are the three best places to live in Maryland with the family. Still, in general, you can find in the whole state affordable housing, well located on the national map, and guaranteed employment and education. Good public transportation connections between the different cities make it possible for a family to move to smaller places and commute to work in large cities such as Baltimore or Washington, DC. This makes anywhere in Maryland a good idea for those looking for financial stability and a suitable environment for their children.

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