Top Five Things to do in Gainesville, GA

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

If you're spending a few days in the great state of Georgia, you may be interested in what there is to do in Gainesville. It's a beautiful city about an hour's drive from Atlanta, the capital, but different.

And if it is different, it is not only because Atlanta is a much bigger city, where many people are moving nowadays because of all the advantages it has as a city. It is different because Gainesville, GA, is surrounded by nature. Lakes, green spaces, and always active university life.

Gainesville became world famous in 1996 because it was part of one of the venues for several of that year's Olympic Games. But today, although it is not a city of large crowds, there are many other reasons why visiting it is a good idea.

First, because it is very close to Atlanta, it is possible to visit it for a day. However, we recommend you spend a night there too because university life is intense and it has a lot of nightlife. Secondly, because it is a splendid place to enjoy nature, culture, and good restaurants, let's learn about the five best places to visit in Gainesville!


Best things to do in Gainesville

The plans in a city like Gainesville are many and varied. It is a city with just over 40,000 inhabitants, although in recent years many people have moved there due to the good balance between quality of life and prices. Rents for two- and three-bedroom apartments is around $1200, and it is possible to find a small apartment for $900.

This makes it comparatively inexpensive if you think of places like New York or Chicago. However, it is a city full of life, and there is no reason to give up the city life in Gainesville: cultural plans, places to have a drink and go out, etc.

As it is a city characterized by the variety of its plans, we can tell you about nature, culture, and leisure pursuits in our five recommendations. Here we go!

Sidney Lanier Lake and Linwood Nature Preserve

One of the most famous places to visit in the city of Gainesville, next to Atlanta, is its famous Lake Sidney Lanier. It was a protagonist in the Olympic Games, and today it is where you can easily find athletes training and testing their abilities.

But not only is it a good place to practice sports but also to enjoy a natural, quiet place with great entertainment. For example, there are some beaches where you can lie down to sunbathe and enjoy the clean and transparent water of the lake. And there are also trails for hiking and enjoying a few hours in a place so close to the city but so rural simultaneously.

If you are one of those who enjoy nature, you can also visit the Linwood Nature Reserve in Gainesville. Observe different species of birds and also get to know the Elachee Nature Science Center.

The Quinlan Visual Arts Center

There are also plans waiting for the more cultured visitors in this beautiful city called Gainesville. Several art institutions offer permanent and temporary exhibitions, and there are also some specific plans for children.

If visual arts are your thing, you must check out the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, which has exhibits throughout the year. Local artists, but also some national artists are shown in this aesthetically beautiful museum.

Another very interesting museum you can visit is the Beulah Rucker Center, a famous woman in Gainesville's history for creating an industrial school for African-American children. Today it is a house museum, and the people of Gainesville are enormously proud.

And if you are traveling with children, you can also visit the so-called Interactive Children's Neighborhood, a place where learning is mixed with fun, and that will be the favorite plan for the little ones.

Jaemor Farms

If there is one place that is truly characteristic of this beautiful Georgian city, it is Jaemor Farms. It used to be a small farm on the road outside of town, but today it receives numerous visitors because it is an ideal way to see more of Gainesville's natural environment. It's also a great place to sample some of the area's most delicious pumpkins, peaches, and apples.

If you ask the locals, they recommend freshly made pumpkin and apple pie. But, above all, the homemade peach ice cream they make turns any summer day into a real success.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

In the city of Gainesville itself, it is possible to visit one of the parks that make up the famous Atlanta Botanical Garden. Being close to each other, it is a good idea to visit this beautiful park where you can enjoy exotic plant species, full of color and a delicious aroma.

Above all, there are many azaleas, a beautiful and colorful flower that turns any corner into a very special one. And if that's not enough, if you travel to Gainesville on the weekend and at the beginning of the month, you may coincide with the Cocktails in the Garden event: you can have a delicious drink while enjoying the flowers.

2 Dog and Downtown Drafts

As we mentioned throughout the post, Gainesville is not only a beautiful city full of art and nature. It is also an incredible place to go out for a drink, enjoy the good atmosphere and eat delicious recipes.

This is partly because it is home to the University of North Georgia and Brenau University. People who have studied there for a few years enjoy different plans during the weekend. If your trip coincides with this time, what you can do is visit classic places like Downtown Drafts to enjoy some craft beers in a place full of atmosphere.

Newcomer Standard Service is another interesting place to learn about typical Gainesville plans. It is a gas station renovated to become a classic American restaurant.

In short, there is no shortage of plans and beautiful places to enjoy in this city so close to Atlanta. If you intend to know the capital of this southern state, we recommend you allow yourself at least one day and one night. And so you can get to know the five best things to do in Gainesville.

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