Top 5 cruise lines for young adults

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

Traditionally, we have always associated the plan to cruise with something that senior citizens usually do. It is a way of getting to know some areas of the world comfortably, sleeping well, and doing activities while seeing a priceless landscape.

If you are young and are thinking about planning your next vacation... Why not look for information about the best cruise lines? It would help if you didn't have to give up a plan that is equally fun, interesting, and economical for people your age. These are the five best cruise lines, and we will tell you all the details.


The five best cruise lines for young people to have fun on

The plan to find a good cruise line to spend your vacation can be done all year round. Although it is more typical during the summer, this becomes the perfect way to enjoy the sun, water and cocktails watching the sunset. When choosing the best cruise, you should think about several things: the destination you would like to visit, the theme, as some cruises have lots of parties and others are more for small children, and also, of course, the price.

Based on all these questions, we have compiled this list of the five best cruise lines and why they are especially good for young people:

Carnival Cruise Line

According to Statista statistics from many young Americans who have enjoyed a cruise experience, Carnival's cruises are the most attractive. This is, above all, for those young people who think of a plan where they can have fun, have a drink, dance, and enjoy the party on board.


The destinations of this cruise line are very varied. They can range from paradisiacal places, such as Hawaii, Polynesia, or the Greek Islands, to places to visit during the rest of the year, such as New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, or Canada. But in addition to traveling to places full of charm, the voyage will be one of the most fun plans of the summer:
This is because they are made up of swimming pools, cinemas, water slides, and clubs where music is the real protagonist, from electronic music for the most daring to all kinds of Latin music to spend the afternoons and evenings dancing. Despite this, it is also a cruise with activities for young people who go with children.

The prices of Carnival Cruise Lines are not the cheapest on the list, also because it is a ship prepared to enjoy a lot on it. And many offers also include drinks and food. That's why their prices range from $300 for the simplest voyages to $1,000 and more for those adventures far away from home.

Disney Cruise Line

Another of the best cruise lines for young adults is undoubtedly the one offered by the Disney Cruise Line. This is an option for people who travel with their young children, but many people do not know that even if it is a cruise with a children's theme, adults also have scanned make plans according to their age.

In that sense, there are activities for the whole family, but there are also restaurants, bars, and music venues for parents to enjoy. On the cruise, there is a service consisting of programming activities for children with their caregivers, and the young parents will have a few hours a day to enjoy their vacation. Otherwise, the shows for kids are mind-blowing: animation of the latest Disney movies, costumes, movies, and even personalized food with favorite Disney princesses.

The prices of Disney cruises are somewhat higher than those of Carnival, as they are usually around $1,700/1,900 considering that they are composed of seven days in different destinations, with food, drinks, and all the activities included.

Royal Caribbean International

A classic of cruises is the offer of Royal Caribbean International, which also offers options for all audiences for quite affordable prices compared to other possibilities on the list. The opportunities to travel in the Caribbean are not the only ones, and the company has grown so much that it is now possible to travel around the entire world on an incredible ship where you will do nothing but have fun.

Although there are also activities related to relaxation and fun, many others are geared for those who want an active vacation: basketball and soccer courts, cardio routines, climbing walls, and even surf simulators so you can practice for the rest of your summer vacation. As we were saying, the price is more affordable than other options on the list, and you can take an incredible Caribbean cruise for as little as $300, while other more expensive cruises do not exceed $600 or $700.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

When we talk about young adult cruises, we also include people who do not yet have families and are spending their best years in college. This kind of public can find the Norwegian cruise lines their best option for a summer of fun and getting to know the world. Suppose you can imagine yourself on the deck of a ship, relaxing with a cocktail while soaking up the sun and gazing at the incredible scenery. You are seriously considering a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line if you're looking for a place where evening plans combine seamlessly with being able to sightsee during the day at the various stops, too.

The prices on board this cruise are varied and adapt to the tight budget that many young people may have: for example; it is possible to travel for about $200 from Miami to the Bahamas. But if you have a little more money, you can also make other trips, such as Honduras, Belice, or Mexico, for about $500 or $600.

MSC Cruises

Finally, there is a very good option among the best cruises for young people, which is the one offered by MSC Cruises: the possibility to travel as a couple, on incredible adventures on board a ship and with some discount offers. We all like to imagine ourselves in a perfect plan like this, but unfortunately, not all of us can afford it.

Restaurants of all kinds, from the quickest to the ultimate romantic plan, places to dance, activities and classes, and all this paying with a partner for a pack that allows you to enjoy the experience without giving up your savings.

The atmosphere on this type of cruise is incredible. Some of the most popular destinations are a tour of the Adriatic Sea, some of the main cities of Europe facing the sea or along the Spanish coast also knowing the Canary Islands. The prices are usually around $700 or $800 for the couple's package.

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