The best Time to visit Death Valley

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

We welcome you to the driest and hottest place in the United States. A stunning territory with unusual beauty and endless activities and tours to enjoy it. But the most important thing is to know when is the best time to visit Death Valley.

Death Valley is located in the Mojave Desert in eastern California. A hot area in itself, but it also has a unique atmospheric phenomenon: it is a place that is located below sea level. And in addition to that, it is surrounded by mountains, so the heat is concentrated, and it is very difficult for any weather change to affect anything.

In addition to being hot, Death Valley is a beautiful area, where a route on endless roads surrounded by immensity is an adventure you will never forget. But choosing the best time to travel to Death Valley is important.

And we'll give you a preview... The best time to travel to this unusual and arid valley is during the spring. If you want to know why and if it is possible to travel at other times of the year, we recommend you read on.


Reasons why spring is the best time to go to Death Valley

Spring is a sensational time to experience Death Valley in its entirety. This amazing place is equally interesting at any time of the year, but even more so when the conditions are right to enjoy the trip 100%.

This is what happens in spring, and that is why we will tell you the advantages of choosing this time of the year from March to May:

  • You can enjoy one of the best times of the year in spring due to the temperature. Daytime highs are around 30 degrees Celsius, while you can enjoy a little refreshment at night at 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.
  • This balanced temperature means you will spend less gas in the car due to the air conditioning. In summer, it is essential to make the trip with air conditioning because the temperatures are so high that it can bring complications.
  • In addition, the famous Death Valley wildflowers emerge in the spring. Seeing beautiful flowers of vivid and intense yellow color appear in the middle of the cracks and dryness is gorgeous.
  • You will surely have good economic offers if you go during a season with no official vacations. Think that although it is a good time climatologically speaking, people usually travel when their schedules allow it. Therefore, in March, it is relatively easy to travel with much fewer people.

As we want to inform you about everything, we also have to tell you that spring is the time when it is usually the windiest in Death Valley. You must be careful when getting out of the car or even trying to camp.

Is it advisable to travel to Death Valley at other times?

Although we recommend that you travel in the spring because we consider that this is when you can enjoy this wonderful excursion the most, this does not mean you will not enjoy it at any other time.

Many people prefer to go to Death Valley in the fall because the temperatures are also more balanced, and the skies are much clearer than at any other time of the year. The sunrises and sunsets in October and November are some of the best memories anyone can make.

There is also no shortage of visitors to Death Valley in winter. That said, it is probably the least crowded time of year. With highs of about 19 and 20 degrees Celsius and lows of 4 degrees Celsius, people prefer to go there when they can enjoy the sun and the warmth of the desert.

We also must tell you that winter is the most economical time to travel to Death Valley. This is because people don't want to be cold there and because January and February are the rainiest months, which can certainly spoil the scenery.

Recommendations for traveling in summer to Death Valley

The all-time high on record for a summer temperature in Death Valley was two years ago, and it was 54 degrees Celsius. This can give you an idea of what it must be like to cross the desert at this time of year.

But you should not worry if you want to travel to this area of California and you can only do so in the summer. You should know that summer is the time when most people travel there. Partly because it is the longest vacation time, but also because people like to live the extreme experience.

If you decide to travel in the summer, you must take a series of precautions so as not to suffer any mishaps. First of all, ensure that your air conditioning in the car is of high quality and will not break down or get blocked by the heat.

And secondly, you should also check that the gasoline will suffice until you can at least reach a hotel. It is also advisable to have a map with you, to be confident about the route you are going to take, and to not improvise or go off on unknown paths because if the car breaks down, you could have problems.

In short, the most convenient season in terms of temperature, cost, and experience is, in our humble opinion, spring. But the best time to travel to Death Valley can also be in autumn, winter, or even summer, always with great caution and knowing what awaits you there.

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