The Best time to cruise in Mexico


Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries to visit on the entire planet. Knowing the country, specifically its beautiful coasts is a plan you should make at least once in your life. And it turns out that cruises are an excellent way to get to know some areas of the coast of Mexico at a somewhat lower price. That is why today we will tell you the best time to take a cruise to Mexico.

Perhaps the first thing you think is that you should choose a cruise to Mexico based on the weather you want to find on your trip. But the truth is that there are many other factors that you must consider to choose the best time, such as the budget and the offers, the number of people you are going to meet and the local celebrations of the places you visit on the cruise to Mexico.

Today we will tell you a little about the possibilities of taking a cruise to Mexico and what factors you must consider choosing the right time.


Things to keep in mind 

When the online cruise reporting platforms are asked what time of year is best to cruise to Mexico, there is a general answer: the best time is from November to May. And this is the best time for a reason: the weather. In Mexico, there are two seasons of the year, the wet and the dry, and the second is the one that covers all those months in which the temperatures are pleasant, it does not rain, and you can sunbathe.

Specifically, within this long season of so many months from November to May, the companies warn that the best months to travel there are April and May because it is that time when it is practically impossible for it to rain, the beaches are pleasant, and one can enjoy the true paradise. This is when cruising companies like Carnival or Royal Caribbean put out their best deals, and there is much more variety.

But the truth is that there are other factors that you also have to reflect on to choose the best time to take a cruise to Mexico, and they are the following:

  • The factor of the price of tickets for the cruise. Well, although in high season, that is, from November to May, it is when many companies make good offers, it is also when most people travel. This translates into huge price increases if you don't book everything well in advance. In this case, perhaps the best time to make this trip would be in the low season, such as in October.
  • The moment when the holidays coincide. You may not be able to book a vacation to cruise to Mexico between November and May. In any case, you could do it on the Christmas dates, which is a time when many people will book it. Another option is in summer; although it is a full rainy season, at least it will allow you to leave when the children are on vacation without school, for example.
  • You also have to take into account the factor of tourism, because if you are a person who prefers to make calmer trips, without so much crowding, you should bear in mind that in December, January, April and May you will have to share the cruise with many people. . It can also happen in summer even though it's low season, so it's best to use rarer months like February, March, and October if you want some peace of mind.

Where can you go, and with what companies?

Choosing the date will depend, ultimately, on a set of reasons that lead you to book at a certain time: the good prices you get, the time when you have vacations at work, and the luck of coinciding in a season where there is no rain nor, of course, hurricanes. But now the next question arises... Where can you go and with which cruise company?

Currently, the most common trips are to the Riviera Maya, that is, to the Caribbean. These are carried by many companies, including Royal Caribbean International and Carnival. But there are also some interesting cruises to the other side of Mexico, which means the Baja California area. Some companies that can take you to this part of the beauty that is Mexico are MSC Cruises or Aquotic, which operates from San Diego.

In any case, wherever you go on the Mexican coast and choose the time of year you have available, you should think about one thing calmly: in general, Mexico has good weather throughout the year, and even in the wet season, it is possible to take advantage of the sun and the beach although a couple of hours a day it rains a little.

You can be free to search for information about the places you want to know, what prices they have according to the time you prefer and if this coincides with a good season to travel.

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