Best Things to do in Irving (Texas)

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

If you've ever heard about taking a gondola ride out of Venice, you may have been looking forward to Irving, Texas. On weekends, this activity gathers many people on excursions to this beautiful city in the northern part of the state. Very close to the famous town of Dallas.

But this place is much more, it has many hidden surprises, and if you are thinking of going to know it, we tell you the best things to do in Irving, TX area. If you let yourself be advised by the locals, you will only go to authentic places that will make you fall in love and probably want to come back.

Stunning and original statues, romantic plans in beautiful places, delicious Texan food, and an international gastronomy route with nothing to envy the great United States' great cities such as New York. But also tours through inhospitable places full of history and beauty. This is Irving, TX, and we will tell you the best of a day's visit there!


Here we bring you some of the best plans in Irving

Many people consider Irving a place with few activities or positions to see. But this is a complete mistake because Irving, TX, is a city of almost 250,000 people and a place full of life and fun. It is also a perfect place for all types of visitors: whether you go as a couple, as a family, alone, or with friends, there are excellent plans for you in Irving.

Don't worry because here we bring you the best things to do in Irving, TX if you are a person who likes to eat, have fun and see beautiful places. Here we go with the best places in this city!

Get to know Irving's famous Little Venice

We know that one of the most interesting things to do in Irving, TX, is to experience its short version of Venice. Crossing the waters of the Carolyn River, this plan is perfect especially for a romantic getaway, although it can also be fun with family or friends.

Numerous bridges cross the river, and the best time to travel it is, without a doubt, at sunset. If you go with your partner, you should know that it is one of the most famous places in Texas for a marriage proposal. But if it's not the right time yet... A kiss as you cross each bridge is also a great idea!

Animalistic statues as a trademark of the city

There is another place that is a true symbol of the city of Irving, Texas, and that is the famous sculpture of the Mustang horses. They are located at the gates of the Mustang Museum and are, to our knowledge, one of the largest animal statues in the world.

The statue of the nine Mustang horses stands over a beautiful fountain, and although the perspective is incredible during the day, the... You're bound to see it at night too! With the lights, it looks as if the horses are levitating and it's really beautiful.

It seems that the city has a special taste for animal statues because another place you should visit is where the marble cows are located. These statues are an art project that seeks to remember the past of the city of Irving.

There are five or six cows made of marble with their characteristic rounded appearance. The idea that the artist had when creating and installing them there is to recall the typical Texas ranches that were once part of the general landscape of the city.

The home of America's most famous assassin

If Irving isn't familiar to you because of Venice's gondola activity, there may be another disturbing fact that makes you put this beautiful city on the map. It's that it's home to the house where one of the country's most notorious assassins stayed: Lee Oswald, the man who killed President Kennedy.

This was the home of a neighbor named Ruth Paine, who just happened to be kind enough to meet Lee Oswald and his wife and daughter. She let them stay at the house a few days before the assassination, shocking the entire country.

Today you can still see the inside of the house: with an architectural style typical of the sixties and a detailed history tour, it is one of the most interesting visits in Irving, Texas.

A route to enjoy the foods of the world

After learning a bit about Irving's history and natural surroundings, as well as its famous statues, you'll probably start to get hungry. You're lucky because this city has one of the most extensive and exotic gastronomic offerings in all of Texas.

Of course, you will be able to taste typical Texan delicacies, such as beef brisket in sauce, barbecue, or its famous fried chicken. But if you are tired of this, you could risk trying food as varied as that offered from the area of China and Japan. Also, Nepalese food you can taste or Argentinean and Peruvian food, among others.

Irving's most famous park: Heritage Park

If a person wanted to feel like an Irving native for a day, they would have to go to Heritage Park. This is the most famous park in the city and one of the best places to enjoy a summer day with pleasant temperatures. But in addition to this, Irving Heritage Park is an open-air museum where you can visit some of the buildings and spaces from the 1950s and into the 1980s.

Places such as the city's first railroad, a water tower, an incredibly preserved fountain from the 1950s, and a beautiful library are what you can visit in this downtown park.

It's a great way to end a day knowing the best things to do in Irving, Texas. Above all, if you allow us to advise you, focus on enjoying one of the symbols of this Texan city: the good work of its people, enjoy the classic plans and open your eyes to new ones. Do activities, observe nature and learn a little more about the history of this city, which is still part of the whole country's history.

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