Top 5 Best Places to Live in Florida Panhandle

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

The Florida Panhandle is one of the most sought-after areas in the United States. Not only to spend a vacation there but also to be able to move there permanently. Recent events related to the pandemic have caused many companies to facilitate telecommuting; therefore, many people do not have to continue living where they have resided.

This looks set to continue for the next few years, so if you are thinking of moving somewhere else more pleasant, perhaps it is best to have objective data for this. These are the five best places to live in Panhandle, Florida, and we'll tell you exactly why: prices, quality of life, employment, safety, and more.


Reasons to live in Florida Panhandle

In addition to the incredible beaches in the area, there are many other reasons to want to know the best places to live in Florida. Especially in the Panhandle area, which is the sleeve-shaped part before reaching the southernmost peninsula.

The climate is the first reason people who have already moved there think of, as this part of the country has a balanced and warm environment every day of the year, and you rarely see snow or have to wear a jacket. However, you can't live without good weather, and you will find it in Florida:

  • An excellent education, which, according to data, is based on the presence of five schools with a higher rating than the rest of the country. The two best are Niceville and West Navarre.
  • The crime rate is considerably lower than in other areas of the country. There are indeed different places within this area of the country, and not all have the same data, but, for example, Tallahassee is considered one of the safest cities in the United States.
  • There are other factors, such as the fact that it is possible to live in a medium-sized city with quite an affordable rental and purchase prices. This is the case in Pensacola.

It is also not true that there are no certain disadvantages of living in this area of the country, and this is something that one must also take into account. For example, Florida is very far south and, therefore, very far from the rest of the important points of the country. On the other hand, it is where the summers have a lot of tourism, which can be a bit overwhelming depending on which city you choose to live in.

Anyway, these are the five best places to live in Florida Panhandle:


Starting with the capital city seems like a good idea in the case of the Florida Panhandle, especially since Tallahassee is one of the most affordable and pleasant capital cities in the United States. Living is cheap compared to other big cities, with a median home purchase price of around $250,000, and a rental price usually hovers at about $1,100. It is also one of those places in Florida with good educational facilities.

And the comparison with big cities is not so exaggerated: in Tallahassee live about 200,000 people, and the cultural life is extensive. If you are an art lover, you can enjoy cultural spaces such as the Tallahassee Museum and the Florida History Museum. On the other hand, if you are one of those who have moved to Florida to enjoy the nightlife, dance clubs, and fun plans, you should know that you will never lack in this city.


A much quieter option is Pensacola. It is a coastal town with less than 60,000 inhabitants, and taking into account that in these areas of mass tourism, the price of housing tends to rise quite a lot, this is not the case in Pensacola: about $1,500 for the rent of an apartment, and purchase for less than $280,000$.

Although it is a place, as we say, quiet and peaceful, there are many things to do there: enjoy delicious restaurants or work in them, since the chances of unemployment are quite low.


Destin is, in fact, and according to statistics, the place was most chosen by hundreds of Americans as the perfect place to live. This town has fewer than 15,000 inhabitants but with beautiful beaches and coastal areas. It is a great place for people who no longer work and are looking for relaxation and good weather all year round. But if someone wants to start from scratch, it is also a place with many job offers.

On the other hand, its location makes it quite close and well communicated to large areas such as Jacksonville. It offers a strong sense of village living but all the comforts of the city nearby. The rent price is somewhat higher than the rest of the options in Florida, about $1,500, but the cost of housing is still cheaper than the national average, less than $500,000.

If a person is in a situation where they have finished working or want a quiet place to move to, to enjoy the beach life and the eternal sunsets, they should read this information about Navarra. It is a place of fewer than 40,000 people with excellent train connections to areas such as Atlanta and New Orleans.

It is a lively place where water sports and cultural activities are perfectly feasible. On the other hand, the rental price is around $1,300, which is quite economical compared to other places. The purchase of a house can cost less than $400,000.

Panama City Beach

And not for being the last is the least option to consider, because if there is a favorite place par excellence in this area of Florida is Panama City Beach. With a population of fewer than 15,000 people and one of the lowest crime rates in the country, it is the perfect place to start a life from scratch.

Besides being a paradise on earth, Panama City Beach is where many people move to get a job. With so much tourism, it is a perfect place to get jobs in hospitality and travel. In addition, housing is quite affordable for such a privileged area, and buying an apartment can cost less than $500,000. The construction of some good housing developments around the downtown area, and the good schools in the area, make more and more families move there.

In short, the Florida sleeve area is a good place for all who can afford to move to another location for work and are beach and nature lovers. The prices are lower than in other states, but they offer 365 days of sunshine a year.

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