3 Best places to live in Atlanta

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

It has become a reality that the amazing southern city of Atlanta is starting to become one of many Americans' favorite places to live. Over the past few years, the statistics speak for themselves: it is a safe place, with beautiful neighborhoods full of parks and a healthy, family-friendly environment, where people find job opportunities that make it possible for them to live well.

And not only has it become an ideal place for any citizen, particularly for those in the arts. In recent years, cultural and film programming has grown greatly in Atlanta, and it is also an ideal place for young people and intellectuals. If you're considering moving to this beautiful Georgia city, here are the best places to live in Atlanta in 2022.


Best areas to live in the city of Atlanta and enjoy many advantages

There are many reasons why it is an incredible idea to move to Atlanta, Georgia, over the next few years. But according to data provided by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), the main reason is that it is a very large city with many job opportunities yet still has a good economy.

Compared to the huge New York or Chicago, in Atlanta, it is still possible to live at an acceptable price, with housing prices much more balanced than in other large cities. But also with the guarantees of living in a big place: six million inhabitants and many businesses springing up. In the words of experts, Atlanta is the ideal place for young people who want to start their projects, especially in art or technology.

And inside the city... Where is the best place to live? The answer will differ depending on your tastes, hobbies, and economic capacity. However, we can offer you a list of the favorite places to live in Atlanta based on factual data:

Midtown: one of the best places to live in Atlanta

Midtown is ideal for you if you want to be where it all happens. Atlanta's theaters, movie theaters, restaurants, and nightlife are here. That's why it has become one of the areas where all the young people moving to Atlanta want to live, although this has also meant an increase in rental prices, which in any case does not make it the most expensive place in the city. If you want a place where you can always have plans, where you have the best public transportation and cafes, restaurants, and clubs always open, then Midtown is for you.

Who are the neighbors you are going to find in Midtown in Atlanta?

Especially young people who have moved to Atlanta in search of job opportunities. It is not so much an area for families as it is for couples or young singles who want to keep up with the cultural life and weekend plans and be close to them. Also, for the more open-minded people and the LGTBQ community.

What is the average rent for an apartment in Midtown?

The average rental price of an apartment in downtown Atlanta is approximately $2,300, considering that there are renovated buildings with smaller apartments and more or fewer advantages.

Places of interest in the Midtown area of Atlanta

The city's most central area is also where there are more restaurants, bars, and cafes. But there are also interesting places, such as the Fox Theater, the High Museum of the Arts, or the house of the author of Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell. It is also very well connected to Piedmont Park, one of the city's most beautiful parks.

Summerhill is a growing community with a promising future

This area of the city of Atlanta had some safety issues in the past, making it not a desirable place to live for a long time. In recent years, however, this has changed dramatically. It is becoming a favorite place for all families on a tighter budget who want to live in a quiet area with family activities. Delicious burger joints, parks for the kids to play in, and newer craft beer places for the younger crowd are some of the guarantees.

What kinds of neighbors will you have around if you live in Summerhill?

Summerhill is, in part, a residential area. It is indeed a place of new growth, where probably in the next few years there will be developments concerning leisure and amusement places for its neighbors. Normally growing areas become trendy places, which is why many people buy apartments before this happens. In Summerhill, you will find family or young people looking for a tighter budget.

What is the average price of renting an apartment in Summerhill?

In Summerhill, the median apartment rental price is $1,500, which is significantly lower compared to other neighborhoods on the list. The community has larger and smaller apartments and different areas, but this is the most common price.

Places of interest in Summerhill

The places of interest in this area of the city are mainly focused on the day-to-day life of families: supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and natural areas for children.

Buckhead, the most desirable and exclusive area of Atlanta

North of Midtown is Buckhead, Atlanta's most exclusive area, and one of the first places that come up on any American's list of favorites. To give you an idea, it's known as the Beverly Hills of the South. It is a neighborhood that combines the possibility of going to the most exclusive restaurants, the most prestigious cultural centers, and on the other hand, the most extensive green areas and category schools.

For people who want a quieter and more everyday life, as well as for those who want to experience the frenetic cultural activity of the city, Buckhead is ideal. Life there is considerably more expensive than in the rest of the town, but it is perfectly equipped with everything you need and very well served by public transportation.

Neighbors, you can live within Buckhead, Atlanta

In Buckhead, you will find the social and cultural elite of the city. Wealthy people, celebrities, big business people, and a very exclusive atmosphere. Also in the schools for children in the area.

What is the average rental price in Buckhead?

As we said, the average price of this neighborhood is much higher than the rest of the city. While property in the area can cost an average of 1 million dollars, the rent is around $2,500. The houses are newly built, with all the guarantees of quality.

Attractions in a neighborhood like Buckhead

Trendy restaurants like King and Duke, renowned nightclubs, and significant places like the ChastainPark Amphitheater, the largest park in the city and also one of the most beautiful. People with cultural interests can be enjoyed at the Atlanta History Museum and specialized and exclusive boutiques such as Lenox Square.

Although it is a big city, and there are many other options for living around there, the truth is that these three places are the most named in all surveys and statistics in Georgia. Maybe one of them is going to be your next home!

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