3 Best places to Live in Orange County

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

To the south of the state of California is an area called Orange County, which is almost reaching the border of Mexico in Tijuana. Its incredible climate, good quality of life, and the enormous amount of plans and activities to start a life from scratch are some reasons why people are crazy about living there.

However, Orange is a gigantic county, home to more than 3 million people. There are some very good areas to develop a wonderful life in, and others with more dangers that aren't so strongly recommended. That is why today we will tell you which are the 3 best places to live in Orange County.


Top 3 places to live in Orange County based on weather, economy, and safety

People can have vastly different reasons to choose oneĀ city or another in the Orange County area. More often than not, there are labor reasons, which sometimes lead us to opt for large and busy places where it is easy to find work.

But other times, there are also families with children who need a perfect place for them to develop and grow. Or on the other hand, we can find young people looking for good contacts and a place to live and enjoy life.

In all these cases, you will have to find a place that suits your needs. But there are common points that we can all look for, such as a nice and pleasant place with many activities and good public services, and a place where security is guaranteed.

For example, in Orange County, some places are better to avoid, such as the Costa Mesa area, which has a 28% higher crime rate than the other California areas. The Brea area is not so recommended either.

In any case, if there are otherĀ worthwhile places, we are going to let you know so you can gather all the info you need to make sure you find what you were looking for:

Irvine, one of the largest cities in Orange County

In 2019, Money magazine made it clear that Irvine was considered one of the best cities to live in Orange County and also in the entire state of California. This is because it is a well-rounded place, full of virtues, making it a beloved city.

Irvine is a good place whether you are a young person just starting your studies, an adult looking for a stable job, or a retired person looking for a place to rest under the sun's rays.

And this is because in Irvine, there is the prestigious University of California, on the one hand, and there are also countless jobs, which is why more and more people move there looking for better opportunities. For example, there is a lot of work involving computers and graphic design, and there are also good opportunities for people dedicated to the arts.

It is also a great place if you have children, because the city has good schools, especially in the center and east of the city. Likewise, Irvine has many restaurants to enjoy international and exotic foods and countless supermarkets where real food has become a philosophy of life, as is typical of California.

California is more expensive than other quieter states like North Dakota, Colorado, or Georgia. But within the prices handled in this area, Orange County and Irvine are not the worst: renting an apartment in the center, with good conditions, can cost just over 2,000 dollars. Meanwhile, buying a flat can amount to more than 500,000 dollars.

Laguna Beach

If you're looking for something less stressful, smaller, and more relaxed than the big city of Irvine, then head south to Laguna Beach. The incredible beauty of its coast, its sunny days, and its endless plans have made it one of the favorite places for people who like to take life easy.

But apart from being a great place to enjoy the good life, it also has many other advantages for people looking to start a new life there.

First of all, according to the Niche platform, it is one of the best-educated sites in all of California. And secondly, for lovers of sports and healthy lifestyles, outdoor activities are endless. On the other hand, Laguna Beach is a great place during the summer because it is where many music festivals are held, which could not have a better setting with the beach as a stage.

Indeed, Laguna Beach is not a cheap place to live in. Its beaches, security, good temperature, and services at hand make renting an apartment considerably more expensive than in other places: about 2,700 dollars for a house. To buy it, they can ask you for 700,000 dollars. However, many of the nicer houses around there can exceed a million dollars.

Huntington Beach, Orange County

And finally, Huntington Beach cannot be left out of this list of the best places to live in Orange County. This city, located in the heart of the county, is famous for having a different and bohemian atmosphere reminiscent of the California of the sixties.

If you are a person who enjoys life around the beach, plans in the sunlight, and has leisure that is very focused on good music and the arts, then this is probably your city. If you moved here, we recommend keeping up to date with the city's cultural agenda, as the events are constant throughout the year.

Another reason to live in Huntington Beach is because of the food. Around the downtown area, many local agricultural markets are held, showing the importance of organic and healthy food for the community.
This can also be seen in its many shops and supermarkets, which tells us that this is a place where you can find practically everything you need. In the same way as entertainment and markets, on Main Street, you can find all kinds of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the atmosphere on weekends.
Like many other trendy California cities, life is not cheap. The average rent for an apartment in this beautiful part of Orange County is around $2,200, and buying an apartment, as was the case with Laguna Beach, can exceed a million.
Life is not cheap in this country, but it is certainly pleasant. These are the best places to live in Orange County, and we hope we have given you interesting information so that you can decide on one of them.

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