What are the best places to live in North Dakota today?

25/09/2023 - Actualizado: 27/09/2023

If you are considering a move, you may want to know an objective list of the best places to live in North Dakota. This U.S. state is one of those places that may not usually make the list, along with California, Chicago, or New York, but certainly should not be underestimated.

North Dakota has a few facts that appeal to families and people who want to live in a stable place. According to Niche.com statistics, North Dakota cities have the following:

  • A lower cost of living than the average cost in the United States.
  • Considerably lower crime rates than in the rest of the country.
  • The unemployment rate is also lower than elsewhere in the United States.
  • A very high percentage of people who own their own homes, specifically 70%, is much higher than the rest of the country.

As you can see, the reasons to move to this state are many, and to consider it it is advisable that you know the best places to live there, based precisely on prices, stability and also the leisure and comfort activities that you can do.


The best places to live are in North Dakota; according to statistics, this 2022

There are many reasons why someone might consider one place in North Dakota to be a better place to live than another. But, in general, it pays to know the statistics and data supporting that a business is optimal for developing personally and professionally.

This list is based on some of the interests that the majority of the population has: a place that offers leisure activities, is reasonably priced, has the possibility of finding employment, and is also a safe place. Other points to consider include having a good transportation network or a short travel time between different cities in the state. In this case, North Dakota also has good data since it is the state with the shortest travel time between other cities in the country.

According to all this, we tell you what the three best places to live in North Dakota are and what you should know to choose them:


Fargo is one of the best cities to live in in North Dakota and also one of the largest. Surely it is not the first time you have heard about Fargo, and it is a city that has been the protagonist of a famous film by the Cohen brothers and a recent television series. Fargo is not the capital of North Dakota. Still, it is one of the cities with more life and population: about 120,000 people and a place with all the leisure facilities you need: cinemas, theatre, art galleries and also parks and public areas perfect for families and children.

It is also attractive for many because of two important factors: education and employment. Fargo is one of the best cities in North Dakota but also one of the most highly regarded national scene, with the best colleges. According to the Niche platform, the rating of its schools is a B+, above other cities like West Fargo. On the other hand, it is considered a good place to look for a job, especially because of the generous character of a large majority of the population, which makes it easy to weave a network to start a new life.

On the other hand, life there is somewhat more expensive than in other small cities in the state, but equally low compared to the country's average. The average price of renting an apartment in the city is around $1,000 or $1,100, which is significantly lower than in other areas of the United States. On the other hand, buying a house can be possible with less than $200,000, around $180,000. This is very economical when compared to apartments in nearby states.

Grand Forks

Grand Forks is one of the best places for families and students. Another top-rated city to move to in North Dakota is Grand Forks. It is a city on the border with Minnesota, and although it is quite large, it only has a little less than 60,000 inhabitants. This gives certain privileges in terms of the general welfare since the public resources are never collapsed, and the attention to the citizen is much more personalized.

Grand Forks is one of the state's highest-rated educational institutions and the country. Five schools have an A rating, which is as good as it gets. This makes for flattering statistics regarding Grand Forks residents' overall college entrance score compared to other areas of the United States.

Grand Forks has a bustling culture and nightlife despite being a quiet and uncrowded place. Clubs and classes to listen to and dance to good music make even people from other areas of the state go there to enjoy the weekends. This is an extra point for all those young people looking for the best places to live in North Dakota.

On the other hand, the housing price is also very reasonable: you can find a one-bedroom apartment for around $900 , and a bigger house for about 1200 dollars. On the other hand, the home purchase is less than $170,000 in general, which is very good if you compare it with other cities like Fargo.


Bismarck a quiet and comfortable capital city. It could not be missing among the best places to live in North Dakota, its capital, Bismarck. This city is much more unknown than Fargo in the eyes of people from other parts of the country, and this is probably one of its greatest attractions. Precisely because not many people place it on a map, the quality of life for the city's residents is good, much better than in other state capitals.

Bismarck's rent price is less than $800 for a good apartment. This makes it a perfect place for young people who are not yet considering buying a home and do not want to spend more than half their salary on rent. Besides, life is active in Bismarck, and there are many plans to do: concerts, clubs, good restaurants, and other nature-related projects because it is a beautiful city.

The purchase of housing is a little higher than in Fargo, which is close to $190,000, which is still significantly lower than in many other cities in the country. Other cities that could be considered for living in North Dakota, such as West Fargo, are also good options, although the price of housing and rent there is slightly higher than in Fargo, Grand Forks and Bismarck.

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